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At GeoMar Engineering UK Ltd we've built our reputation on faultless customer service and satifaction. We believe that this is the only way to ensure our customers keep to their production requirements with minimal down time, punctual delivery of top-quality spares as and when required by our clients.


       GeoMar Dies

  • All GeoMar Engineering Dies are manufactured from X46 CR13 steel.
  • Hole sizes are available in both standard and all variations to suit customer specifications.
  • Tapers, or wells are also optional.
  • Because our Dies are gun drilled, vaccuum hardened and well run in, immediate start up is assured.


       GeoMar Rolls

  • We supply Roller Shells for all makes of pelleting machines.


       Die and Roll Re-Furbishment

  • Production can be reduced by as much as 50-70% if the die surface is rolled over. It will damage the roll shellsand increase power useage. We at GeoMar Engineering can re-furb dies when badly worn. Re-drill, re-grind,re-countersink. This will ensure maximum die life and maximum production

         Roll repairs are also a service that GeoMar Engineering can provide. All rolls are stripped,

         and fully inspected. All parts are re-used if serviceable, otherwise new parts are fitted

         Unserviceable parts are returned to the customer for their full inspection if required.

         A service report can be issued for future reference for individual rolls.


          Should you wish to repair the rolls yourselves all spares can be supplied.


  • Ultra Press Grease

           GeoMar Engineering can provide the very best quality greases for all applications.

           Ultra Press XS is our most commonly used Lithium Complex Press Grease

           Ultra Press XL is our Standard EP2 Grease.

           We also provide 3 grades of Ultra Press Foodsafe.

           Full technical support is available if required.

           Greases are available in; 12.5kgs, 50kgs, 180kgs and 400grm cartridges.


  •  Bearings

            GeoMar Engineering can supply all makes of bearing/ seals/ etc.






We're always happy to provide any additional information about our services. Contact us on 07870 349991 or use our contact form.


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